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Hammock Safety
While owning a hammock is certainly an enjoyable and relaxing experience, a few precautions should be taken to ensure that hammock use is safe for all users. The following safety information is provided for those who own a hammock or those who are considering a hammock purchase in the future. It is important that these guidelines, in conjunction with those provided by the retailer or manufacturer, be carefully followed so that one may avoid the risk of serious injury.

First, to assure proper hammock use and safety is necessary to follow all instructions provided with the hammock. These guidelines are recommended by the manufacturers and retailers not only for your safety, but they will also extend the life and enjoyment of the hammock. When hanging the hammock, for instance, it is necessary that it be done properly. This means that the hanging points for each end of the hammock should be within the recommended minimum and maximum hanging distance prescribed by the manufacturer. If the hammock is streached too far between hanging points it will increase the likelihood that tipping will occur. Likewise if the hammock is not streached far enough, it will sag and you may hit the ground when you sit in it.

Secondly, it is important to hang the hammock in a secure location. If a hammock stand is not used, the hammock should be fashioned to structures that are able to support the weight of the hammock and its occupant. Furthermore, much care should be given to make sure that the hammock is properly tied or fastened tightly to the structures so that it will not loosen or fall when you get in the hammock. The hammock should never be fastened to an object that has the potential to move.

Finally, and most importantly, you must remember that kids should not be allowed to use the hammock while unsupervised. While hammocks provide a fun means of relaxation for children, they do provide a certain degree of danger. Children can become easily entagled in hammock strings resulting in serious injuries such as strangulation. Hammocks can become quite unsteady at times and kids may not have the balance or coordination to enter or exit the hammock without falling to the ground. There should also be no horseplay in or around a hammock. To prevent these potential problems from occuring it is imperative that children be attended to at all times while using a hammock.
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