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South Coast Hammocks
Hammocks & Outdoors Part I
If you are not sure whether or not a hammock is right for you, perhaps you should re-evaluate the way you sleep when you hike, camp, or just get out in the wilderness to enjoy nature. Hammocks have been around for a very long time. As time has passed, the use of hammocks has evolved and the popularity exploded. People are now trading in their regular tents for the use of hammocks that offer the same protection but more comfort. Backpackers especially love hammocks since the ones designed for the outdoors are extremely lightweight and easy to set up.

Many people in South Africa even in England, use hammocks for sleeping. These are also called slung cots that are designed with roofs, which can easily be removed. This particular hammock is called the Ashanti Hammock. Although the hammock rolls up very small, it offers huge benefits. You do not have to have any pegs, you are up off the moist and sometimes wet ground, in windy conditions, the specially designed flaps keep you protected, and they are amazingly comfortable. Although there are hammocks designed for backyard, today, many hammock are used for the outdoors and sleeping under the stars.

You will discover many different makers of hammocks perfect for outdoor adventure. Hennessy is great for campers, hikers, and people that need something extra lightweight. Mayan is another popular choice for hammocks. While they are excellent for providing a good night's sleep, just be sure you purchase the right type of hammock for the area where you plan to travel. For example, if you are heading to the desert where there are no trees, obviously a hammock that needs trees would not work. In this scenario, Hennessy features a wonderful solution of a hammock tent. If you will be travelling to an area that rains a lot, you need a tent that is waterproof. The great thing about hammocks and the outdoors is that there is just about any type of hammock for any type of situation. The hammocks as we once knew them have completely changed.

A few negative things about hammocks and the outdoors are that if you are travelling with your mate, you will lose out on the opportunity to snuggle. If you travel with your dogs and want to ensure they have the safety of a tent, obviously a hammock would not work. Just consider the area where you will be travelling, who will be travelling with you, what you expect from a hammock, and then choose accordingly.

People who enjoy backpacking really love hammocks. You will find an innovative product called a tarp system, which is a hammock with an attachable tarp. This particular system suspends where a sleeping platform is created. In addition to having a tarp, the sleeping is different. For one thing, they are flexible and can be used with a sleeping pad or sleeping bag. If you run into a situation where there are not two trees close enough, you can spread the hammock down on the ground with your sleeping pad or bag and then set the tarp up over you for added comfort and protection. Although there are some drawbacks regarding hammocks and the outdoors, the benefits far outweigh them!
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